Artist Josh Wyatt joins Preacher Stone on Drums

        Artist Josh Wyatt   Josh is stunning on the drums!  He will tell you his incredible playing didn’t come that easy, but when you watch him play you would think he was born with sticks in his hands!  When you look for a musician to... read more

Watch the Preacher Stone New Orleans Saints Video

2015 Saints Theme Song Bourbon Street Mardi Gras Style2015 Saints Theme Song “Bourbon Street Mardi Gras Style!” by the band Preacher Stone #whodatnation #gosaints #saints #mardigras #bourbonstreet #dixieland #neworleans #neworleanssaints #saintscamp Posted... read more

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RSS Meet Murphy(Paydirt Dog)

  • A belated Murphy update
    Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy spring. Also, we got a new computer and I’m having trouble getting the photos off my camera and onto the computer so hopefully I can figure that out soon and share some new pictures! (Avoid Windows 8 if you can, our experience with it has been […]
  • Two rounds of blood work – two rounds of good news
    Murphy has had two blood draws and they have both come back clean. Lucy accompanied him on his trip to the University of Minnesota for his first round of blood work, but refused to wear her Batman costume (it was her birthday weekend and I think she was a little worn out from celebrating). But […]
  • One week down, 51 to go
    We finished our first week of chemo and so far, so good. Murphy is tolerating the medication well. He’s also very excited to get a hot dog every night and has only stealthily spit out the pills twice. I’d love to know how he manages to eat the hot dog, but discard the pill – […]
  • Meet Murphy
    Meet Murphy – a 7-year old Golden Retriever who enjoys chasing squirrels, soaking up the afternoon sun on the deck, and digging a hole in the same spot in our back yard every year that requires between 5 to 10 bags of top soil to refill (we’ve even dug deeper to see what he’s looking […]
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